Freedom of Road Riders 
 Local 24 St.Louis Mo.

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A motorcycle accident scene is something we all hope never to encounter while out on the road. But when accidents do happen, Advanced Accident Scene Management instructor, Jon Wik, believes a little knowledge can go a long way! This is why he is teaching a class at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads during the 2014 Sturgis Rally to help teach you how to react if you come across a downed rider. Want a preview of what will be covered in the class? Keep reading to learn eight of Wik’s easy-to-remember tips. They might just help you save a life someday!

1) Make sure it's safe to stop.
Keep yourself safe at all costs. Don't add to the scene and become another victim!

2) Walk to the scene/victims.
Never run. See number 1.

3) Ask others for help.

a)    Call or ride for help. (If you ride for help, report back to the victim that help is on its way.)
b)    Look for all the victims. There is a potential for a victim x 2 for every bike down.
c)    Control traffic and protect the victim(s) from further injury.

4) Remember the ABCs:
A-AIRWAY – Is the victim’s mouth open? Make sure their airway is unobstructed.
B-BREATHING – Do you see their chest rise? How fast/slow? Are their breaths noisy?
C-CIRCULATION – Are they bleeding? 

5) Encourage the victim to remain lying down.
There is a probability of spinal injury with most motorcycle wrecks, and you can make a huge difference in whether the victim is able to walk again. Keep them calm and comfortable, and take C-Spine if necessary. (What's this? Keep reading to see how you can find out.)

6) Talk to the victim.
Identify any allergies, medications and injuries the victim may have that may not be visible.

7) Write it down! 
Just because the victim is talking now doesn't mean he or she won't lose consciousness, leaving important information unavailable. 

8) Pass any information you collect along to EMS.