Freedom of Road Riders 
 Local 24 St.Louis Mo.

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The main purpose of this organization is to guard the rights of all motorcyclists; to keep them informed of laws that will help or hinder them as motorcyclists; to promote safety, rider education, brotherhood, and freedom for all motorcyclists.

What is: Freedom of Road Riders®?   

Freedom of Road Riders ®, (FORR®) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting safety, motorcycle awareness, rider education, brotherhood, and freedom for all motorcyclists. FORR® membership is made up of motorcyclists from all walks of life, who ride all types of motorcycles and with all sorts of interests. Whether your interests center around legislative activities, motorcycle shows, or motorcycle rallies; FORR® has something to offer to you. Members belong to the largest motorcycling related organizations in the State of Missouri, with Local affiliates throughout the State.  FORR® is different from most motorcycle organizations in that persons who ride ANY motorcycle or who support our freedom to ride without riding themselves can join. So regardless of whether you ride a Honda or Harley, a moped, dirt bike or an automobile, if you love motorcycling or would like to support the right to ride, you belong in Freedom of Road Riders®. 

Since its inception, Freedom of Road Riders®, has had an impact on motorcycling in Missouri. Some of the issues FORR® has been involved in include: 
• Education of our legislators on issues pertaining to motorcyclist’s rights. 
• Efforts to modify Missouri’s helmet law as well as reinstatement of Driver’s Education into the Missouri State School curriculum in an effort to educate the upcoming drivers about their responsibilities on the roads. 
• FORR® is the first MRO in American to create a nationally award winning Rider Education Program without any outside funding from the state. Every year our program trains hundreds of new and experience riders, teaching skills that have helped to save many lives. We are the only statewide training organization in Missouri. 
• 1997 The revision of Missouri’s helmet law to remove the serious penalties and make them comparable to seat-belt laws and providing permanent funding for the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program. 
• Riders who pass the FORR® BRC (Basic Rider’s Course) no longer have to taking the riding portion of the Missouri motorcycle license endorsement test. 
• 2006 The enactment of “Clutches Law” a measure that increased penalties for failure to yield right-of-way at intersections. Protecting motorcyclists in intersections. 
• 2009 passed legislation to disallow insurance companies to use Comparative Fault to pay less damages because you choose to ride a motorcycle. • 2010 Stunt riding bill. Killing the language which could have loosely defined motorcycle stunt riding as a crime and punishable in accordance with Missouri Law. 
• In 2013 FORR® defeated a law that would have legalized motorcycle only traffic checkpoints in the state of Missouri. These checkpoints would create the opportunity for blatant harassment of motorcyclists in this state. Why the Need for a Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization? Motorcyclists, probably more than any other group, have become increasingly aware of the effect government regulations have on our daily lives. With the recent trend of the Federal government’s turning responsibility for regulation over to the States, the need to have an impact on Missouri’s legislative process to protect the rights of ALL motorcyclists has grown. 

Some of the recent actions of State and local governments that infringe on the rights of motorcyclists include: 
• Requiring personal injury protection insurance coverage (for motorcyclists only). This does not occur in Missouri at this time. 
• Banning children under the age of 10 from riding as passengers on motorcycles.
• Banning ALL motorcycles from selected streets and roads.
• Outlawing certain types of motorcycles completely. 
• Attempts to create a “Global” standard of motorcycle manufacturers, which could outlaw any attempts to customize your motorcycle. 
• Insurance regulations that allow discrimination against motorcyclists (health coverage, liability, uninsured/under insured motorists). Individually, motorcyclists may have a small impact on the legislative and regulatory actions described here, but collectively, motorcyclists who take part in an organized Motorcyclists Rights Organization have greater strength. In Missouri, the organization that guards the rights of motorcyclists is Freedom of Road Riders®. 

Join FORR®! Freedom of Road Riders ®, Inc. of Missouri (A Not-For-Profit Organization) FORR® is made up of motorcycle enthusiasts, like you, that enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of our fellow riders. We are here to make our streets and highways a safer place for all motorcyclists and to protect our personal freedoms, via legislation. Also we sponsor events for the enjoyment of our members and others while providing funding for our goals.