Freedom of Road Riders Local 24

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Forget Your Pride, Take The Ride.


I, _________________________, do hereby agree to the Life Pact. This pact is entered into of my own free will and I may withdraw from the pact only under the conditions outlined in clause “Cancellation.” As a participant, I agree to both parts of the pact, as an individual and as a possible member of a delegation. The terms of this pact are as follows:


The Individual Pact:


1)       At any time, if (2) people decide that I am incapacitated, inebriated, or otherwise unable to operate a motor vehicle, I will surrender my keys to them upon their request

2)       At the time of the surrender, I will not argue or try to dissuade participants from taking the keys, nor will I try to circumvent this pact through trickery or deceits. I will not resort to violence or abusive behavior.

3)       The individual and the delegation will agree to a “Break” period, at the end of which a re-evaluation of the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely will be made. I understand that failing this re-evaluation may result in a ride home or possibly an overnight stay.

The Delegation Pact:

(1)     This pact will not be used in a frivolous manner. The execution of this pact is to be taken seriously. It is to be used in an effort to help save lives, or, at the very least, to save the individual’s freedom to drive. It in no way infers any legal responsibility but is merely an arrangement of concern.

(2)     During the “Break” period, the delegation will not leave the individual to his/her own devices. By enforcing this pact, the delegation takes on certain responsibilities, i.e., making sure the keys are kept safe and returned when the individual is capable of safe vehicle operation, seeing that the individual has a place to stay the night should the need arise, contacting family to prevent undo concern or worry, arranging transportation, and/or securing vehicle, if required.

I also agree that should I find myself in a situation where I feel I am incapacitated to the point where operation of a motor vehicle could prove hazardous or beyond the legal limits, I will contact a friend, a loved one, or a participant of the Life Pact and ask for a ride. Any one contacted will make his or herself available or will assist in making arrangements for the member in need.


Any one may withdraw from the Life Pact, if he or she so chooses. Such withdrawal can ONLY occur at a time when abilities are not in question. A violation of this Pact will result in a private meeting between at least 4 participants and the individual at the next available meeting time when abilities are not in question. 


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